Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sock Dolls

Sock Dolls

What you need:
- 2 socks one white or skin colored and one (or more) for the clothes
- stuffing
- yarn for the hair
- Red thread for the mouth
- Black thread for the eyes
- White thread for neck ect..
- scissors

The Doll

1. Stuff the sock

2. Sew around the top and pull the thread. Its kind of like a drawstring.   ( I used black thread so you can see what I'm doing)

3. sew back and forth inside the drawstring.

4. Embroider the eyes and mouth (enter in through the drawstring on top of the head)


5. Sew drawstringily (that's a word now!:D) where you want the neck to be. It will show a bit but once you put the clothes on you don't see it anymore.



6. To make the hair wrap yarn around a book several times than cut. (btw I'm using a yarn made with wool wrapped in string)

than cut off bottom.

Than sew hair to head. I pit pins where the part is going to be. I sew it where the part will be.




cut off bottom half of sock and put upper half on doll. Hem if you like. Cut shorter or longer pieces of sock to make skirts and shirts.


  1. Very cool! I'm excited to read more posts! I like your background, by the way. Oh, and cute doll. :)

  2. I tagged you for the Infinity Dreams Award tag! Please do it, if you want!